Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our services. If you have a question that is not answered here, please reach out to us directly at (763) 544-2775 or
You’re in the right place! Egress is all we do and we do it well! Start by requesting an estimate – our estimator can meet with you onsite or you may provide photos and information via our online estimate form. Within a few business days you will receive an emailed proposal. Once the proposal is to your liking, contact our office to begin the scheduling process.

Prior to beginning the scheduling process, you will need to have completed an estimate and have an up-to-date proposal. Once you’re ready to go, return your signed proposal, signed disclosure letter, and down payment to our office. (Please ask our office for available methods on how to submit signed documents and down payment.) Our project manager will begin to coordinate crew, equipment, material, etc., then contact you with your installation date and details.

Please clear the inside area around your future egress (a minimum of a five foot perimeter is appreciated). While the entire room does not need to be emptied, covering electronics, furniture, and décor with drop-cloths/blankets is recommended. (Our crews do a great job with clean up considering the nature of egress install but it is not a dust-free operation!) Please review your proposal and our disclosure letter carefully in advance of our crew’s arrival as any prep related to your specific installation should be outlined there.

Yes, we are licensed to work in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. If a Certificate of Insurance is required, please contact our office.

Egress Window Guy applies for the permit and coordinates the appropriate inspections on the majority of our egress installations. The exception being if a contractor or homeowner has already obtained a permit for their project and included the egress install in the scope of work. (The permit must be onsite.) Regardless, your proposal should state who is responsible for the permit and costs.

Egress Window Guy warranties our craftsmanship for one year from the date of install. Materials (from windows and wells to fasteners and caulk) also carry their own manufacturer’s warranty.

A surprising amount of dirt is removed in order to install most standard size egress wells. On most projects we offer to dispose of the excess dirt for a fee. Otherwise, our crew will wheelbarrow the dirt to a designated spot in your yard at no charge. Still can’t decide what to do with your dirt? Check out our gallery to view example pictures of excess dirt amounts.

Settling is common around newly installed wells, especially with a change of seasons or larger amounts of rain. Settling is not an issue as long as it is addressed right away. Homeowners are responsible for their egress maintenance, including any settling that may occur. Fill in the pockets with dirt (our crew typically leaves a small amount of excess dirt onsite for this reason) and tamp/pack it down well to prevent the dirt from shifting again.